Best way to help your liver?

This post is really about the second best way to help your liver.

As mentioned previously – your liver is one of your major organs – it is impossible for you to have excellent health if you don’t have a healthy liver.  As mentioned previously, your liver performs an array of functions that are crucial to your overall health and the proper functioning of your body; not the least of which is removing toxins from your body.  And if you have any hope of properly metabolizing fats (and the associated fat vitamins) as well as other nutrients – you need to have a healthy liver.

So what is the best way to protect your liver?  The simple answer is avoid toxins.   The not-so-simple part of that is thinking about the air, food, water, and other things you consume and that you come in contact with that add to your toxin load.  There are many substances people are now exposed to on a daily basis that our bodies were never exposed to in the past and that put a heavy toll on your body – and on the liver itself.  We’ll look at ways to avoid toxins in future posts – but given this, what can you do to help your liver?

There are a number of foods that can assist in healthy liver function – in an upcoming post I’ll detail a few of those.  However there is an herbal supplement you can take that will help with healthy liver function and can help detoxify or rebuild your liver:  milk thistle.  I recommend the her Milk Thistle as a part of a healthy lifestyle to keep your liver in good shape and help it deal with the daily load of toxins it deals with for you.

There are three reasons you should add Milk Thistle to your daily supplement regimen:

  1. Milk Thistle has a long reputation as a liver aid  For thousand of years people have used Milk Thistle to revitalize the liver, to aid in it’s detoxification, and to help with the flow of bile (crucial to the proper utilization of fats and fat based vitamins).  It has had and continues to have this reputation because it does work.
  2. Milk Thistle contains the substance Silymarin -a highly active antioxidant that contains silibinins and other related compounds.  This potent substance is known to have a very positive effect on the liver, on toxicity in the body in general, and a strong antioxidant in it’s own right.
  3. Milk Thistle has a growing reputation as having positive effects on a number of other health issues including high cholesterol, dermatitis, and a protective effect against a number of cancers.

I personally recommend Milk Thistle extract available from Life Extension.  This formulation is high quality and has a good reputation.  In addition, I hold Life Extension in high regard for their research into healthful living and ways to increase/maintain good health.

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