Aug 11

Diets still don’t work, but ….

Diets still don’t work.   If you want to make a long lasting, sustainable change to your health, going on a diet is not the solution – they don’t work.  The good news though is that diets can help bridge between where you are at now, and a healthier lifestyle.  If this seems contradictory, let me explain briefly. …

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Aug 09

Good news about diet soda

  Some good news about diet soda; Pepsi has announced that starting this week, they are releasing a reformulated Diet Pepsi (in the US) that doesn’t contain Aspartame.   The logo and the color of the can are the same, but  “NOW ASPARTAME FREE” is noted in small capital letters across the top of the can. GOOD …

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Aug 05

Sensitive to Wheat? Maybe you should try Spelt!

Spelt is a grain you should know about. Spelt is very much like wheat with just a few important differences, as a matter of fact spelt IS an ancient form of wheat.  For this reason it shares many attributes with wheat, and foods made with spelt are very similar (and taste similar) to those made with …

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Jul 28

Why I choose organically raised wheat

Wheat has come up in discussion recently in some conversations about diet, carbs, etc.   Although I limit the amount of carbs in my diet, I have not eliminated wheat from my diet.  BUT –  I have done my best to limit myself to organically raised wheat. I do this for several reasons, but the main …

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Jul 22

Why would anyone want this in their food?

Just a short post to point out the continued concerns with glyphosate- the primary chemical in the product Roundup. Previous posts have pointed out some of the concerns about pesticide and herbicide residue in food and feedstock items. Unfortunately, this has not changed – and recent articles and studies underscore  this concern.  A recent article on the …

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Jul 08

Is Iced Tea OK to drink?

A recent question comes from Dan:  “I’ve been wondering – is iced tea alright?   Is it ok to drink, or is it not healthy? The answer is pretty straightforward, with a couple of qualifiers up front. Avoid sweetened tea –  it’s an extra source of sugar at best, artificial sweeteners (which should be avoided) …

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Jul 09

What is a ketogenic diet?

Recently we’ve looked at liver function and how to keep your liver healthy and the role your liver plays in weight loss, and how that is connected to how your body processes fats, followed by a quick overview of the metabolic process called ketosis. This now brings us to the subject of ketogenic diets.  Many …

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Jul 06

What is Ketosis?

To understand what ketosis is, it’s helpful to do a quick review of how our bodies are fueled. While it’s true that we are fueled by the food we eat – it’s what kind of food and what happens to it that makes the difference as to what fuel your body primarily utilizes for energy.  …

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Jul 02

Is there a connection between a healthy liver, diet, and weight loss?

You bet there is!  That’s why we’ve been looking at liver function, and how to support and maintain a healthy liver in the last two blog postings.  As stated previously – without your liver you cannot live, and without a healthy liver, you cannot be healthy.  I’ll add to that by stating that an unhealthy …

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Jun 26

The importance of healthy liver function

It’s important to briefly touch on the liver before reviewing some of the various dietary approaches to a healthier lifestyle.  Why?  Because your liver is one of the most vital organs in your body, performing dozens of functions – only a handful of which we’ll look at here.  Without your liver you cannot live, and …

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