Juice is an easy and refreshing snack!

Juice is an easy and refreshing snack!

Many people think about juice in terms of diets or meal replacements (not a bad idea – just remember that you want to move toward a healthy lifestyle, not a quick fix).
Juice can also be a refreshing and nutritious snack with a big health benefits too.

I always like to throw a lemon in my juice. You get both numerous health benefits, and a delicious tang to boost.   You’ll also find that lemon really brings out the flavor of other fruits you include in your juice.  It also helps reduce the harsh flavor that you sometimes get from lots of greens.  Take the outer part of the peel or rind off, but leave some of the white or pith.  It contains limonene, which studies have shown to have anti- cancer effects.

I recommend a Vitamix or good blender rather than a juice extractor.  You want to make sure you get all of the fiber and nutrients of the ingredients.   A Vitamix will pulverize the ingredients (including ice) so that you don’t have small chunks of pieces in your juice drink.  This can also make it easier to digest for some people.  Use the button to the right or the link on our special offers page to take advantage of free shipping when you order directly from Vitamix.

For a refreshing snack, one of my favorite juices includes cantaloupe melon or mango, lemon, sprouts and celery in addition to the lemon.   You can always throw in some apple slices too and a little ice water.   Liquefy the ingredients in your Vitamix for 30 seconds and you have a cool, refreshing super nutritious snack.


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