You don’t have time to skip your workout Part 2

Most people know that you get long term benefits from working out – things like:

-increased cardiovascular fitness and ability

-overall increase in muscle tone

-better body tone and composition

-an improved sense of well-being

-healthier overall blood pressure


These results are great as part of a long term-lifestyle motivation.

But did you know that you get at least three distinct benefits the same day that you do your exercise?
You don’t have to wait weeks or months to see these benefits – these are yours to enjoy on the same day as your workout.


Reduced Stress

Taking an exercise break from the rest of the activities of the day is a great way to reduce stress.  You can release much of the stress and anxiety of the day with exercise.  A short intense workout can help you refocus on tasks at hand and move past frustrations or mental blocks. A moderately intense workout can also release endorphins to your system.  These “feel good” chemicals released by your brain help to reduce feelings of stress and pain, and promote a sense of well being.


Increased Energy Level

If you’re not in the habit of regularly working out, this may seem counter-intuitive; but working out will actually give you increased energy levels.  I’m not talking about working out far beyond your ability or running a marathon, but a moderate to intense 30-60 minute workout increases blood flow to both muscles and brain.  The release of endorphins as noted above – responsible for the so-called “runners high” can help give you the energy to complete tasks, even on a very full day.


Better sleep

A moderate to intense workout burns fat, stimulates the brain and muscular systems, and promotes a sense of well being during the day.  In addition to this, it can also help you sleep better at night.  I recommend that you don’t exercise right before going to bed; for some people this may interfere with sleep or being able to fall asleep quickly.  However, a good workout during the day will generally help you sleep better at night and promote better quality sleep.  For other tips on sleep, see my posts healthy sleep and healthy sleep part2.


There are many other short-term benefits in addition to these.  Start adding your workout to your daily schedule and experience for yourself what regular exercise can do for you!


Want more info or have a question?   Leave a comment below – I’d love to hear from you.

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