Eliminate Negativity = the key to a healthier life?

Could it really be this simple?   Could negativity be what’s holding you back?


We know that activities and habits form feedback loops in our lives.

For example, start eating junk food and lying on the couch watching TV every night, and pretty soon you’ll start to feel “blah” and will probably lose the desire to exercise, which will leave you feeling even more tired and wanting to lay on the couch and watch TV, and so the cycle goes.

Conversely, if you eat a healthy diet and exercise every day, you feel more driven to make sure you continue to eat healthy, keep junk out of your body, not miss even one day of exercise, and you start to search for ways to optimize your health even more.


What about negativity?   What part does your attitude and mindset play in all of this and with respect to your healthy (or unhealthy) lifestyle?  What does negativity do to your metabolism?  To your immune system?  To how you feel about most everything?


What if a negative mindset is what is robbing you of energy and a positive outlook in life?  What if you could forget the negative pictures and words in your mind regarding yourself and your body, and instead, you replaced them with the image of who you want to be and the healthy lifestyle you want to have?

What if those negative words and thoughts that repeat over and over in your head excusing away why you can’t lose weight or can’t get healthy or can’t eat right are the anchors that hold you to your current lifestyle?


What if having a positive outlook and attitude had a positive effect on yourself, on others around you and it propelled you to do positive things?  What if you decide to replece the raincloud that seems to always park itself over you and follow you with negative thoughts, words, and mental pictures?

What if the you started to visualize a new healthy who ate good and nourishing foods and followed through on exercise and fitness plans – seeing the new you even as you started taking small steps toward a healthier lifestyle?

Trade in any negativity you might have for a positive outlook today –  and see where it leads you!


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