Start a new pattern today

You might have a pattern in your life that feels like a shadow – everytime you look, it’s there and it follows you wherever you go and no matter what you do or try.

You know you shouldn’t buy that stuff from the snack machine.
You know you shouldn’t just sit on the couch all night.
You know you shouldn’t be eating ….

The shouldn’ts can feel pretty overwhelming and make you want to just give up on trying to be healthy or change your lifestyle to help you become more healthy.Copyright (c) 123RF Stock Photos

Today – instead of focusing on all of the things you aren’t doing or the things you are doing wrong, decide to start some new patterns; healthy patterns that will help you move toward a healthier lifestyle on little step at a time, with today being the first step.

Do plan to have a healthier diet by starting a pattern of choosing healthy snacks.
Do start a new pattern today of beginning to eliminate soda from your diet.
Do go to bed 30 minutes earlier so that you don’t hate the alarm in the morning (because you didn’t get enough sleep)

Copyright (c) 123RF Stock PhotosMake today the day you start some new healthy patterns, and note them on your calendar.
It’s OK if you don’t change everything all at once; you didn’t get to where you are today overnight, and lasting positive changes are more important than changing everything – only to give it all up in a week or two.

Tomorrow you can repeat the successes of today, and take another little step toward a healthier lifestyle.



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