So what’s running going to do for me?

I often get asked this question in various forms when I talk to people about running.  Enjoying running like I do, it’s easy to talk about or recommend running to people who ask about adding it to there fitness routine or just want to find out more.
Here are a few of the benefits you can expect to get from running:

1.  Weight loss
This one is relatively simple – if you don’t change anything else about your lifestyle, but you add in running, you will start burning extra calories (about 100 per mille) – stay consistent and they added up quickly.

2.  Stress management
Running is a great way to deal with the stress and pressures of life and leave them out on the track or trail.  Aside from the benefit of the physical activity, you’ll also feel better and get a big boost from the endorphins that running can provide (heard of the “runners high”?).

3.  Availability7658716_s
Take your running shoes with you and can run just about anywhere.  Whether it’s joining some friends after work for a run on some trails or keeping up your fitness routine when you travel, there is almost always an opportunity to run – either indoors or out.

4.  Health and Longevity
Mentioned in the last post, numerous studies have been done that tie regular consistent running to a healthier and longer life.  One of those published in Time magazine is linked here – but if you search the internet you will find numerous studies that consistently show these benefits.

5.  It’s something you can do alone or with friends
There are many great things you can do for fitness, but this is one that you can do either solo, or in a group (and I do recommend running with others).  As an added bonus, planning for running with others, or signing up for an upcoming race can be a great motivation to get yourself to a new fitness plateau.

6.  Overall fitness
This is kind of a given since running aids your health and longevity.  It benefits you from a cardiovascular standpoint, from a strength and mobility standpoint, and can help burn off some of the stubborn body fat that you may struggled to get rid of.  This hits several points all at once and actually benefits joint health as well.  Just be smart about running shoes and where you run – more about that in an upcoming post.

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