What started as personal interest has grown into passions that I love sharing; health and fitness.

My desire is to help you find ways to optimize your lifestyle for health and fitness – one little step at a time.

For three decades people have called me “mr hlth” and asked for tips on how to “get healthy”.
I coach people in fitness, reworking their diet into a healthy and sustainable lifestyle – finding little changes they can make today that they can keep doing tomorrow,and for the rest of their life.
That’s what you’ll find here; info and tips on things that work and things that don’t work when trying to move toward a healthier lifestyle.

You’ll also find book reviews, recipes and other things you can incorporate into your life to have a healthier you.

Our Special offers and Ads page links to sites we’ve partnered with to provide you with goods and services that help support your healthy lifestyle – with discounts, free shipping, or other special offers.

Visit often and give us feedback on things you’re interested in or questions you have.

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