diets don’t work

I often find myself in conversations with people who are telling me about their “new diet” or new plan to lose weight and get in shape.   The pattern is usually the same – they tell me about what changes they’re making and how much weight they plan to lose or what they hope to accomplish.   The one question I always ask them after they explain their diet is “then what?”   Those two simple words sum up why most diets don’t work for most people over the long term.   Lifestyle changes work.

Most people can find or figure out a way to change their diet or quit eating some food or food group that will result in short term weight loss.  Most of the time though, these don’t usually result in a change of lifestyle.   After the weight loss or goal is met, almost all people go back to what they were doing before  – and end up right back where they started – or worse.

The path to healthier living is not a diet … it’s a change in lifestyle.    That’s why the focus here is on changes that can be made to lead you to a healthier lifestyle.  My goal is to help you make little changes in the foods you eat and the things you dochanges that you can sustain and keep on doing so that they become a part of the way you live.

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