how to stay healthy


how to stay healthy


According to the  Wikipedia definition of health, health is defined as “… the general condition of a person’s mind, body and spirit, usually meaning to be free from illness, injury or pain (as in “good health” or “healthy”).     Based on this, there are three main points to consider:


  1. Healthy Mind
    • pursue creative endeavors such as painting, poetry, sculpting, reading, staying current on new events and opposing ideas (such as in politics).
    • learn new and challenging things such as new technology or new languages, the idea is to stretch yourself and learn new things
    • conversation with others including good-spirited debate
    • pursuits that require imagination
  2. Healthy Body
    • A healthy balanced diet – go light on the meats, some fruit, plenty of veggies, and lots of greens.   Remember to drink plenty of water.
    • Watch out for refined/processed foods, fried foods, and sweets.
    • There are more detailed posts here and on other sites regarding aspects of a healthy diet – feel free to ask questions as well.
  3. Healthy Spirit
    • Quite simply this is health beyond the physical or mental aspect.
    • This pertains to your spiritual side – your connection with God.
    • Are you at peace with yourself, with others, with God?
    • Consider time spent in meditation, prayer, and in devotion to your relationship with God.   There are many sites with great information on this subject – feel free to ask questions as well.

Questions about anything in this post?   Leave a comment – I’d love to hear from you.


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