how to find organic food at reasonable price$

how to find organic food at reasonable price$

This is the third in a series of posts highlighting organic food.
This post will highlight a few ideas on obtaining organic food at reasonable prices.


Many people desire to eat organic foods once they learn about the practices used to produce organic food.  Not only is organic food typically raised in a more sustainable way, but the process is typically more environmentally friendly and requires less petroleum products and generates fewer greenhouse gases as well.

Some also decide to eat organic once they consider the harmful substances that are avoided when the organic approach is taken.    Remember – you are what you eat – and the same goes for the things you eat – it all becomes a part of you.   A future post will deal with why you should be concerned about glyphosate (Roundup) being used in the process of growing the food that you eat.

So having been convinced of the benefits of organic food – often the final objection to “going organic” is the concern about the higher cost of organic foods.

Here are three ways to reduce the price you pay for organic foods:


  1. Local farmers markets
    Local farmers markets are a great source for both locally grown produce and organically raised products.   The great thing about these is the opportunity you have to find out information first hand about the things you will be eating.   An added bonus is supporting local growers and your local economy.
  2. The “big six”
    Organic is catching on with retailers in a big way.   Part of the reason that organic products can cost more is that demand currently far outweighs the supply.   Retailers have not failed to notice this, and you can currently find a selection of organic products at many larger retailers.   The six retailers who sold the most organic products in a recent survey are:     Walmart, Costco, Kroger, Super Target, Safeway, Whole Foods
  3. Your local grocer
    Local grocers have also caught on to the interest in organics and are eager to cash in on it too.   This is too your benefit, as they won’t put products on their shelves if they can’t move them.   Just like other products, these items go on sale as well.  This puts organic within the reach of most people at the same price as conventionally grown products – you just have to have some flexibility about what is on sale and what is available.  Publix, Harris Teeter, Food Lion, and even the smaller grocers all are now carrying more and more organic products, and sometimes even the locally grown ones too.

Questions or comments about anything in this post – let me know, I’d love to hear from you.

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