I try being healthy but I always mess up – should I just give up?

I’ve met many people who have given up.  They tell me about how they have tried “being healthy” or tried to eat better or tried quitting junk food and messed up, so they gave up.  You probably know people who have planned big changes after a birthday, or as a New Years’ Resolution.  You might even be one of those people who started a new workout or fitness program that you gave up on a few weeks into the year.  It can be very discouraging when you want to be healthy but find yourself doing unhealthy things.

Chances are, either you’ve had this experience yourself or you know someone who has.  And if you have, it’s easy to feel doomed to an unhealthy.  My simple message to you:  Don’t give up!   Just because you got off track doesn’t mean your plans for a healthy lifestyle are totally derailed.

If you miss a day or two in your workout schedule or your new diet – don’t give up!  Don’t let a missed workout or two or a cheat meal or dessert keep you from continuing on toward your goal.  Taking one little step at a time toward a healthier lifestyle is much more important than taking no steps at all.
I like the phrase “don’t let perfect be the enemy of good” as reminder that it’s more important to make some progress rather than none at all.  Stay focused on the good things you are doing rather than the mistakes you make along the way.

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